accidentally’ set ‘CHANGE MASTER TO’ on wrong server

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Question :

while setting up the replication I accidentally did the ‘CHANGE MASTER TO’ on the master server instead the slave.

When I noticed the mistake I just did a ‘STOP SLAVE’ on the master and setup the slave then correctly, replication is working.

I am just wondering if there is a need/way to remove this ‘change master to’ on the master server again, I havent found anything in the Documentation and ‘reset master’ seems to be something else.

I can’t see any issues currently, so maybe I don’t need to bother about it. If possible I’d stil; like to know how to correct it.


Answer :

In earlier versions of MySQL, you would run this on the Master

CHANGE MASTER TO master_host = '';

and restart mysqld.

For MySQL 5.5/5.6, you would run this on the Master


MySQL restart not required

For more details on this, please read Disconnecting a replication slave is easier with MySQL 5.5+ (RESET SLAVE vs. RESET SLAVE ALL) from PERCONA MYSQL PERFORMANCE BLOG

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