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Question :

We’re looking to have a RaspberryPi run in kiosk mode and automatically pull up a report on our SSRS portal without any user interaction.

I’m hoping I can allow anonymous access to this specific report and keep Active Directory authentication in place for our other reports/folders.

I’ve added “NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON” to the report security without any luck.

Is what I’m looking to do possible?

We’re running MSSQL 2019.

EDIT: Found a solution if anyone’s looking for a workaround. It’s an old article but works with PowerBi Reporting Services May 2021:

Answer :

You have to set up the custom authentication mode in SSRS configuration file.

This is the microsoft doc:

As you can see,

Anonymous authentication directs the report server to ignore
authentication header in an HTTP request. The report server accepts
all requests, but call on a custom ASP.NET Forms authentication that
you provide to authenticate the user.

Specify Custom only if you are deploying a custom authentication
module that handles all authentication requests on the report server.
You cannot use the Custom authentication type with the default Windows
Authentication extension.

Here you can fined how to configure it:

You can also find on github a good guide with examples:

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