Do not want to allow Queries to take more than x minutes?

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Question :

Do not want to allow Queries to take more than x minutes ! What System variable can I set to automatically terminate it.

Answer :

In mysql 5.7 ; you can use max_execution_time

From the documentation:

Statement Execution Time Optimizer Hints

The MAX_EXECUTION_TIME hint is permitted only for SELECT statements. It places a limit N (a timeout value in milliseconds) on how long a statement is permitted to execute before the server terminates it:


Example with a timeout of 1 second (1000 milliseconds):


The MAX_EXECUTION_TIME(N) hint sets a statement execution timeout of N milliseconds. If this option is absent or N is 0, the statement timeout established by the max_execution_time system variable applies.

The MAX_EXECUTION_TIME hint is applicable as follows:

  • For statements with multiple SELECT keywords, such as unions or statements with subqueries, MAX_EXECUTION_TIME applies to the entire statement and must appear after the first SELECT.

  • It applies to read-only SELECT statements. Statements that are not read only are those that invoke a stored function that modifies data as a side effect.

  • It does not apply to SELECT statements in stored programs and is ignored.

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