Easiest Way to Migrate data from MySQL to MongoDB [closed]

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Question :

My latest IT project has me working with MongoDB for the first time. While I have a bit (very little) experience with NoSQL, I have always mostly worked with MySQL using Workbench.

I need to migrate the data from a MySQL database into MongoDB as my employer is switching over from the former to the latter.

Can someone suggest what might be the easiest way to do that?

Thanks a bundle!

Answer :

Migrating between a RDBMS and a NoSQL DB is not the easiest thing.
If you can dump your data to JSON (or XML), I know that Navicat for MongoDB can import data in either of those formats.

I know that MySQL workbench can export in JSON format. You might also want to try a Navicat for MySQL. I use it and I know that it can export to either of those formats.

Navicat products aren’t free, but both come with a 14 day trial. That should be plenty long enough to get the job done.

Let me know how that works for you!


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