for archive_command use an script rather than a command

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Question :

I want to create a configuration to get a PostgreSQL HA. In my Master I want to configure a postgresql.conf file with this:

archive_command = ' "%p" "%f"'

instead of:

archive_command = 'cp "%p" /path/to/archive/"%f"'

Then I have a doubt: Where do I have to put the script?

Answer :

You can put it wherever you like, so long as the postgres user has permission to execute it, and permission to cd into the directory it’s in.

I usually put it in /usr/local/bin unless I’m working on a system that has a versioned repository of scripts, in which case it’s in there – something like /opt/mycompany-scripts/postgresql/

I recommend using a fully qualified path to make its location obvious, e.g.

archive_command = '/usr/local/bin/ "%p" "%f"'

(calling it “backup script” is misleading; it isn’t doing backups at all, it’s just archiving WAL, which may be part of a backup or replication process).

You can put it anywhere that PostgreSQL can find and execute it.

I put it in the data directory itself, because I consider it to be configuration in the same way the postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf and such are, and want them to be backed up together.

(That is also the directory that will be searched for the script if you don’t specify a path to it. At least on Linux)

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