Generic or better yet custom message of the day in Oracle sql plus

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Question :

I’m trying to create a message of the day type notification when users login to sqlplus.

Currently I use the login.sql to add a dbms_application_info and set a module and action for the message. This has limitations so I was wondering if Oracle has anything like a MOTD feature. Or maybe someone has created their own solution.

Thanks in advance.

Answer :

Anything like this?

$ cat $ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin/glogin.sql
set serveroutput on feedback off
exec dbms_output.put_line('******************');
exec dbms_output.put_line('MESSAGE OF THE DAY');
exec dbms_output.put_line('******************');
set serveroutput off feedback on

Logging in:

$ sqlplus test/test

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sun Jan 26 00:49:29 2014

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Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
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