Getting all databases which a sql logon can connect

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Question :

I need to know all databases in a SQL Server on which a user can connect. With sys.databases I get all databases and with sys.server_principals or sys.syslogins I get all server logons. But I can’t find a table which contains a connection between these tables. Has anyone an idea how to solve this? Thanks.

Answer :

You should be able to do something like this:

EXECUTE AS login = 'loginname';

FROM sys.databases


For reference see EXECUTE AS and HAS_DBACCESS

This should put you in the right direction:

DECLARE @results TABLE (
    database_name sysname,
    db_user_name sysname,
    login_name sysname

INSERT @results
EXEC sp_MsForEachDB '
USE [?];
SELECT DB_NAME() AS database_name, AS db_user_name, AS login_name
FROM sys.database_principals dp
INNER JOIN sys.server_principals sp 
    ON sp.sid = dp.sid

FROM @results;

P.S. sp_MsForEachDB is ugly, undocumented and unreliable, but it’s just to show you how the information is stored in each individual database.

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