How to edit `postgresql.conf` with pgAdmin 3?

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Question :

How does one edit the ‘postgresql.conf’ file with the pgAdmin app?

With pgAdmin 1.18.1 on Postgres 9.3.x, when I choose File > Open postgresql.conf I get a file picker dialog. And, yes, I’m connected in pgAdmin as the superuser ‘postgres’.

I know I’ve done this in older versions of Postgres.

Answer :

In pgAdminā€¦

  • To edit the postgresql.conf file:
    Choose Tools > Server Configuration > postgresql.conf
  • To edit the pg_hba.conf file:
    Choose Tools > Server Configuration > pg_hba.conf

Avoid the red-herring File menu:

  • File > Open postgresql.conf
  • File > Open pg_hba.conf

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