How to Transfer SSMS “Font & Color” settings from one machine to another?

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Question :

This is a Quality of Life question. I have low vision. Accordingly I use High Contrast fonts. When I do this all the keyword highlighting in SSMS gets reset to the same color. For years, I have dutifully gone into SSMS -> Tools -> Options, and in the “Options” dialog, under EnvironmentFonts And Colors, gone through and configured all my keyword colors.

It’s tedious though, and I hop amongst a lot of servers. Most of them I turn on high contrast, but don’t set up the query analyzer with color settings. I would love to know where SSMS stores the options when I set them. Is it a config file? or a registry key?

I’m looking for some way I can generate a “Golden Standard” copy of my settings, and then import it into a new machine when I set it up.
Or in the case of today, when I find my fonts have reset back to the default “Same Color with no keyword highlighting” after toggling “Hight Contrast” off, and then back on again, because I had to do a presentation.

Answer :

Aaron Bertrand wrote about this a while back that may be helpful.

SSMS -> Tools -> Import and Export Settings… -> Export selected environment settings -> Select your desired options and save the .vssettings file.

Then import as needed.

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