In SQL Server 2008, is possible to one database subscribe 2 publications for the same database? (merge replication)

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Question :

I’m trying to set up an high availability architecture using merge replication.
I have 3 databases, and I’m trying to keep them all up to date with merge replication.

So far I’ve manage to create one publisher and 2 subscribers, and all works fine…except when the publisher goes down.

So I thought about creating one more publisher and make the other databases also subscribe to it. I can do the publication normally, but when I create the local subscription, even though the GUI says it went successfully, the new subscription does not appear under “Local Subscriptions” folder.

Is this possible? or is it a limitation of sql server? (if it is possible…what may be wrong in my setup?)


Answer :

What you are asking is not possible. Do not use SQL replication for high availability. It is an exotic and soon-to-be deprecated feature set.

well, its actually possible but with peer-to-peer replication too bad this is a enterprise edition feature only

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