Indexed view doesn’t exist on the subscriber

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Question :

I am configuring transactional replication in SQL Server. The subscription is configured as push from 2008R2 publisher (distributor is the same server) to 2012 subscriber.

The object I want to replicate is an indexed view. The base tables exist only on the publisher.

The replication fails due to the following error:

Unable to replicate a view or function because the referenced objects or columns are not present on the Subscriber

It is true that the view doesn’t exist in the subscription database. How can i create it without the base tables?

Answer :

The clue to this is in the error, which is telling you that it can’t create the view on the subscriber, because the subscriber is missing tables and/or columns that the view relies on.

You can’t create the view without the base tables, so make sure you replicate the tables and/or columns involved in the view to the subscriber too, and then the view itself can be replicated.

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