Is it possible to downgrade oracle to

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Question :

Is it possible to downgrade oracle to
The Compatible parameter need to be changed to “10.2.0”?
Today I have Compatible set to

It’s not clear on if I need to change or not.
This document


The major restriction on the downgrade script is that it cannot be run
if the COMPATIBLE parameter has been raised as part of, or after, the
upgrade. This is because raising the COMPATIBLE parameter will allow
on-disk changes that cannot be understood by the earlier version of
Oracle Database. For this reason, downgrades from Oracle Database 11g
Release 2 to Oracle Database 9i are not supported. Downgrades from
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to the following versions are supported:
 ,,, ,

but this one


If you are downgrading to Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2), then
the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter must be set to 10.2.0 or


Answer :

Yes, it is possible, as stated in the 11.1 documentation:

Supported Releases for Downgrading

Oracle mentions 10.2.0, because ideally you need not to set anything more specific (more digits). This is explained in:

How To Change The COMPATIBLE Parameter And What Is The Significance? (Doc ID 733987.1)

Use only the first 3 digits for the compatible parameter unless there
would be some very specific instructions to do otherwise. Patch sets
are normally not intended to add/change actual functionality, hence
there is no need to increase the compatible parameter and set the 4th

If you set it to, the downgrade should be still successful to version, but not anything lower.

The documentation is very confusing. Also, I figured out that we cannot set it to 10.2.0 (without digits) as answered by @Balazs, doing so will throw an error stating that the COMPATIBLE parameter is not correctly set. Changing it to was possible and it was accepted by the dbase.

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