Is the Advanced Security Pack required for windows authenticaion?

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Question :

Can anyone tell me if the Oracle Advanced Security Pack is required for single sign in under Windows?

I’ve been told we are not licensed for the “Oracle Advanced Security Pack” and need to remove it, which appears to disable our existing externally identified logins.

Our version of Oracle is

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

Answer :

Yes, you will need Oracle Advanced Security to be installed. See

However a license for Oracle Advanced Security is no longer needed with 11g Release 2, but you will apparently need a license for “Oracle Identity Management Directory Services Plus”.

See PDF page 10 of

Enterprise User Security is an EE feature for directory-based
management of database users. It does require a corresponding Oracle
Identity Management Directory Services Plus to be licensed. Usage of
Enterprise User Security with Oracle Database strong authentication
(PKI, Kerberos) no longer requires Oracle Advanced Security to be

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