Is the innodb_lazy_drop_table problem solved?

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Question :

I’m researching database configuration for MySQL/MariaDB. I’ve been reading the configuration chapter in “High Performance MySQL”. In there, it suggests that innodb_lazy_drop_table can be used to avoid server stalls when dropping tables if innodb_file_per_table is set, to stop an immediate scan of the buffer pool to invalidate pages that refer to the dropped table.

However, I also found that innodb_lazy_drop_table has now been removed from XtraDB.

Does that mean the original issue is fixed, and I no longer have to worry about performance issues when dropping InnoDB/XtraDB tables? Or perhaps the lazy invalidation of pages has been enabled by default and the configuration option is all that’s been removed?

Answer :

It seems to be fixed (see percona manual):

Feature has been removed because the upstream DROP TABLE implementation has been improved.

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