Is there any AWS RDS Utility to Manage Master Slave mysql db with read write splitting?

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Question :

I am looking for a solution for production which can manage the read and write splitting on master and slave connection as i can’t affford to define multiple connection string for R/W in whole application.

Answer :

AWS does not have a service that provides this.

Transparent, intelligent read/write splitting is a Hard Problemâ„¢ because there are so many details that can go wrong, such as queries that use user-defined variables, which aren’t deterministic unless the state of the variables is maintained across multiple connections… inconsistent reads and read-after-write due to replication lag… and many others.

The only solutions for now are third-party products like Maxscale and ProxySQL, unless you are using a connector library or ORM that manages such things for you (assuming such things exist).

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