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Question :

I’m trying to migrate a WordPress site from one server to another. Everything is going fine apart from the database migration.

I have my database ‘A’, and using phpMyAdmin I am attempting to export it so that I may use phpMA on the destination server to to import it.

The problem appears to be that when I’m importing the database, it doesn’t recognize the character type utf8mb4 despite my efforts to change the character set/type in phpmyadmin to utf8 via queries and being told that it has changed by the console.

I also ensured that UTF8 was selected on both locations and that doesn’t seem to help at all. I’ve tried to search for help but I’ve been unsuccessful.

Answer :

MySQL did not have utf8mb4 until version 5.5.3; are both versions newer than that?

Is the exported file a text file? If so, look in it for utf8 and see if it says utf8 or utf8mb4.

Did you use any “character set” argument on mysqldump when exporting? What about on importing? For mysql and phpmyadmin it needs to be utf8mb4. For the rest of the world, UTF-8 or maybe UTF8.

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