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Question :

I need a good way to replicate a single table in SQL Server 2012 between different servers and different databases. I tried replica which works just fine, but there might be a much better / easier way which I don’t see right now.

Maybe there is a way to use the task to import data as a job. The data does not need to be synchronized all the time. It is fine that the second database [B] gets updated with the data from database [A] every 5-10 minutes.

Is it possible to setup a mirroring for only one table?

Of course I checked the web which gave me the idea to script the import task.

What else is possible and how?

Answer :

You can use snapshot replication (it allows you to update the table every 5-10 minutes). If you would like instant changes, go for transactional replication.

Note that you cannot publish a replication on SQL Server Express, you need at least Standard edition.

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