MS SQL – export tables to format compatible with PostgreSQL

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Question :

We’re using MS SQL Server 2005 at work and I want to export our data to PostgreSQL for testing.

MS SQL Server has an export function but the only one that looks like it would work would be to export to Excel files. I’d rather use a SQL script or function that can export to a file and import those files into a PostgreSQL server for testing. I’ve searched a number of sites for a SQL script but I can’t find one that will work.

What would be a good approach to accomplish this?

Answer :

Please refer to below thread. SSIS would help you in transferring data from SQL server to postgres
Micrsoft forum thread for similar issue

I have written article on how to transfer data from SQL server to postgres but this is applicable to SQL server 2008 and onwards you can read it though

How to transfer records from sql server to postgres

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