Ms VS2017 with SSDT has the ‘User with Password’ template but thinks it’s wrong

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Question :

In my database project when I choose the ‘User with Password’ template in the Add New Item dialog, code is generated, kind of

    WITH PASSWORD = 'jbniq_ushfbwc=l5nAxu8aapmsFT7_&#$!~<Jt}ho_aypip@'



And it’s immediately marked as having syntax error:

SQL46010: Incorrect syntax near 'jbniq_ushfbwc=l5nAxu8aapmsFT7_&#$!~<Jt}ho_aypip@'. 

VS 2017 Comminity with SSDT 15.1.61903
Shoud I change some project settings or what?

Answer :

As Aaron mentioned in the comments, try enabling containment in the database settings:

screenshot of ssdt settings

That’s after right-clicking the database project and choosing “properties” in Visual Studio.

If you are not using contained databases, use the “User” script template instead of the “User with Password” script template.

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