MySQL 5.7 connections available only via CLI?

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Question :

Something weird happened to MySQL while I was away today. The server was working, but no app is able to connect to it. Optimized and repaired all tables in all databases, rebooted server, tried to connect to it from a terminal… It does work, service is running without errors, but in several seconds when mysql service is restarted, no app can connect to it producing timeouts. All I see in error logs is:

2022-03-05T21:10:10.291857Z 0 [Warning] The syntax ‘–log_warnings/-W’
is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use
‘–log_error_verbosity’ instead.

Any idea what to check and why it behaves like this? Was working well until an hour ago. Using Server version: 5.7.36-log MySQL Community Server (GPL) on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4 64 bit.

Answer :

That warning message exists in 5.7 to inform you that it will become invalid in some future release (specifically, 8.0).

It may actually not be a problem when you upgrade. But, since I can’t tell what is generating the mysqld command, I cannot say for sure.

As already mentioned, it is unrelated to the CLI (mysql).

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