MySQL – cannot examine view definition – Error getting DDL for object – No database selected

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Question :

I have a view that I can run, it returns a dataset, but whenever I try to alter the view or look at its definition, I get

Error getting DDL for object
No database selected

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But I do have a database selected and I can run the view with results.

How do I recover the definition? Please advise

Answer :

No database selected error message means that no database is selected as current. Specify default database in my.ini, connection definition, or execute USE dbname; as the very first query in the connection.

why no other view required a default schema be defined, and why is a default schema required at all? – Roy Hinkley

Default scheme needed when tablename without database name is specified somewhere in SQL text.

For example, you execute SHOW CREATE TABLE my_view – but without default datatbase set the server does not know where it must take this view from (and even does this is a table or a view).

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