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Question :

I’ve been developing a software that runs on hardware and now I need to synchronise DB on them, but only partly – several tables using MySQL Clusters(don’t matter which style), each of hardware can act as a node, and we have virtual one as NDB_MGM.
For ex, I have two tables in DB: users and rules.
Users should stay unique to each node, but rules should be synced.

My question is: is it even possible?

Answer :

Yes, this is not difficult: Just create the users table using a different storage engine than NDB.

It is possible to create tables using other storage engines (such as
InnoDB or MyISAM) on a MySQL server being used with an NDB Cluster,
but since these tables do not use NDB, they do not participate in
clustering; each such table is strictly local to the individual MySQL
server instance on which it is created.

Source: Appendix A.20 MySQL 5.7 FAQ: NDB Cluster

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