Mysql could not be started because unknown variable ‘log-syslog=1’

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Question :

Platform System: WSL(ubuntu 18.04).

when installed mysql-server 8.0 sucess, i try to start mysql. But it’s fail to start.Then checked the error.log.

2019-02-26T03:13:51.609895Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-000067] [Server] unknown variable 'log-syslog=1'.

how to fix it ?

Answer :

I’ve run into the same problem as yourself and found this question while looking for solution. Eventually I found the culprit.

You will find that /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld_safe_syslog.cnf contains 2 rows:


The only thing you have to do is remove syslog. I just commented it out:


And now it works.
It is weird that it comes preconfigured like that since it is deprecated/removed (I did a clean install of v8.0.15).

From the Changelog:

—– 2018-10-22 8.0.13 General Availability — — Incompatible Change —–

The system variables have been removed that previously configured
error logging to the system log (the Event Log on Windows, and syslog
on Unix and Unix-like systems). Where appropriate, the removed system
variables were replaced with new system variables managed by the
log_sink_syseventlog error log component. The following table shows
the old and new variable names.

Old System Variable New System Variable log_syslog_facility
log_syslog None Important

Installations that used the old system variable names must update
their configuration to use the new variable names. For more
information, see Error Logging to the System

References: See also: Bug #27534089.

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