Mysql import csv not complete by Mysql bench

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Question :

I upload the csv file which has more than 5 thousand rows table data for option import wizard by Mysql Workbench. As the result the output table only 335 rows, have no idea how to overcome the limitation.

Answer :

It all comes down to the contents of your CSV-file – and that in turn is determined by the used program that created it in the first place …

Check if all lines have the desired number of values per line, in combination with:

Check if escape-characters (if any) are there .. and you give them in mysql-workbench as well …

special case for Microsoft Excel – it used to create ONE escape sequence for first occurance, 2 Escape sequences for 2nd occurance and so forth … I had to use a php-script to import them, where I had to hand-twiddle until mysql was satisfied with the input-format

compare those successful lines with other lines in the csv – What is the difference between them?

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