MySQL Master not sending events to another Master

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Question :

We have Master-Master Replication and it is configured correctly as it transmit data for certain period of time and after that it does not send further events till we stop/start slave on both nodes.

When I run Show Slave StatusG, it displays

  • Seconds_Behind_Master as 0
  • Slave_SQL_Running as Yes
  • Slave_IO_Running as Yes
  • server_id is also different for both nodes.

My Server Info

  • MySQL Version is 5.6.23
  • Windows Server 2012

Any help would be great.

Answer :

This could be one of two things

  • Slave I/O Thread is encountering Network Issues
  • Slave I/O is Playing Possum (pretending to be dead)

Derek Downey and I have written posts about the flaky behavior of the Slave’s I/O Thread

According to the Bug Reports on this phenomenon, it was supposedly fixed.

See (Bug #30703 and Bug #51089)

If this bug is happening to you, someone missed a patch making MySQL 5.6.23.

I have three suggestions

As for the Network

  • Check Network For Dropped Packets
  • Check the NIC Card
  • Use separate NIC card for Replication Traffic

Other that what I have just said, sorry I don’t have a silver bullet for this one 🙁

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