Oracle Autodop disabled at the table level

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Question :

I have a question related to Oracle auto DOP and parallel DML concepts. I have a scenario, if I set the Auto DOP set to 1 on the table and if I run parallel DML statements on that table through parallel hint, will the query processing happens in parallel execution or since the Auto dop is set to 1 will it be a serial execution?

Can you please provide some insight on this topic.

Thanks for the help!

Answer :

You can’t have “Auto DOP set to 1”. You can either have:
– have auto DOP, meaning Oracle will attempt to automatically determine optimal DOP
– set DOP to 1, for example with ALTER TABLE PARALLEL 1

The second option disables parallel query, so yes, query will execute serially. Unless you override it with a hint or ALTER SESSION FORCE PARALLEL QUERY.

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