Oracle Illegal use of long datatype when moving tablespace to bigfile

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Question :

I am currently migrating all the tables in my database to a bigfile tablespace. I have written a script to do this and all tables are migrated successfully except one. I am given the error:

Error report:
SQL Error: ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype
00997. 00000 – “illegal use of LONG datatype”

And I am converting the tablespaces by:

alter table mytable move tablespace bigfile_tablespace;

Changing the column type isn’t an option.

I have a script that creates all the tablespace from scratch using bigfile and it goes through fine with this table so I am little stuck on this…

Answer :

To move the table without changing the column datatype I believe you’ll need to export the table then import it into the new tablespace.

Note that if you’re using Oracle 10g or later use expdp and impdp instead of exp/imp. (See:

You should use a command like:

exp file=mytable.dmo log=mytable .log tables=mytable feedback=1

To export the table. Then drop it in the old tablespace and create it in the new tablespace.

Then use:

imp file=mytable.dmo log=mytable.log full=y feedback=1 ignore=y

To import the table. Hope this helps.


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