Postgres v10 is not using the index in a subquery

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Question :

I have a subquery that will return 3 records, to later add the result of some calculations (using some functions).

When I am running the full query, Postgres is calculating a high number of expected rows and decides not to use the index. but when I use just the subquery, the index is used.
Plese refer to the attached screenshots.

Have any of you experienced this?

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The EXPLAIN for the full query is as follows:

Full query Explain

When I analyze the subquery, the index gets used.

Subquery Explain

Answer :

The use of the function in the outer query was preventing parallelism.
After setting the functions to PARALLEL SAFE , it started working fine using the index. Thank you @mustaccio!!

Please refer to the parallelism documentation in the following links:

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