Row-level subquery caching?

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Question :

I have a query that uses a CTE which contains millions of rows. I plan to call this query many times, and the CTE returned each time will have most of the same rows. Is it possible for me to cache the CTE somehow so that only new rows need to be calculated?

The (slightly simplified) query is:

WITH vals AS (
    SELECT '2013-08-01 0:00'::timestamp  AS frame_start,
           '2013-09-01 0:00'::timestamp  AS frame_end,
           '1 day'::interval             AS interval_length
),   intervals AS (
    SELECT tsrange(start_time,
                   lead(start_time, 1, frame_end) OVER (ORDER BY start_time     NULLS FIRST)) AS time_range
    FROM (
        SELECT generate_series(frame_start, frame_end, interval_length) AS start_time,
        FROM vals
    ) _
    WHERE start_time < frame_end
), market_trades_ts AS (
    SELECT time_range,
    FROM intervals i
    LEFT JOIN market_trades td
    ON td.timestamp >= COALESCE(lower(i.time_range), '-infinity') AND td.timestamp < COALESCE(upper(i.time_range), 'infinity')
SELECT time_range, count(*) AS agg
FROM market_trades_ts td
GROUP BY time_range
ORDER BY time_range;

It would be great if market_trades_ts could be cached so that, for any intervals which it’s seen before before, it can pull the previous result set, and then take its union with the new rows (for intervals which it hasn’t seen before).

Is this possible? It seems like it will speed up my query dramatically.

Answer :

PostgreSQL’s CTE’s materialize results – they run the CTE term once and cache the output for the duration of the query. So it’s already doing what you want.

CTE results cannot be cached between queries. If you want that, you should instead CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE AS SELECT ....

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