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I currently have a database with an attached CMS. The CMS has about 50+ people with various permission levels that can log in etc… I would like to know if there is a way I can look at the transaction logs (taken every 30 minutes) and see where a particular value was updated on a bit switch. I can then cross reference it with the person who was logged in at the time so I am fine on that part. If someone can guide me on how to read the transaction log to find the specific update to table x that would be a huge help.

Answer :

If you’re using MS SQL Server you’re much better off downloading a tool like this instead of trying to figure out how to go through the entire transaction log and use those functions. It has a 14 day free trial and should make it a lot more readable for you.

If you end up having to do that check out this thread on DBCC LOG:

There are different ways to open an LDF file, and most of them do just that – opens it. It’s tricky to get any human readable information and make a use of it though

ApexSQL Log is a SQL Server transaction log reader which reads online transaction logs, detached transaction logs and transaction log backups – both native and natively compressed. As an LDF viewer, it’s focused on operations (both DML and DDL, 45 in total), and what was changed by execution of these operations: Open LDF file and view LDF file content

And you can selectively view or script one or all operations in a transaction – create Undo or Redo script

Disclaimer: I work as a Product Support Engineer at ApexSQL

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