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Question :

Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition

Consider the following statement:

:setvar source_server_name "SERVERNAMEINSTANCENAME"

Is it possible in SQLCMD mode to get that value using TSQL

Something like: :setvar source_server_name = SELECT @@servername

Thank you

Update 7/15/2013

The two answers offered below did not quite give the desired result, so I’m adding a more relevant exampe.

:setvar source_server_name [myserver]

The variable source_server_name is set to the text string [myserver_1]

I’d like to be able to do this:

create table #tmp(
id int identity(1,1),
server sysname

insert into #tmp values('myserver_1'),('myserver_2');

:setvar source_server_name = SELECT server FROM #tmp WHERE id = 1

select '$(source_server_name)' 

(No column name)

The variable source_server_name would be set to the value in server for id 1.

Answer :

I think you need to output your results to a file and bring them back in. Something like this should help get you close to what you are looking for:

:setvar MyDir "C:scripts"
:OUT $(MyDir)test.txt
PRINT ':SETVAR ServerName ''' + @@SERVERNAME + ''''
:OUT stdout
:r $(MyDir)test.txt
SELECT $(ServerName)

You can see more examples here.

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