Simple SSIS Package Failed User does not exist or has not permission

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Question :

  • I created and build SSIS Package with “Transfer SQL Server Objects
  • I Copied the package.dtsx to network folder with permissions set
    to everyone.
  • I created the SSIS Job where i set path to that package.
  • I am owner of source and destination database too.
  • Package run as 32b.

But Job is failing. What can be wrong ? Why it is searching my credentials COMPANYMYUSERNAME when the job is executed as COMPANYSERVICEJOBACCOUNT ? (which also has access to the databases). Thank you

Error is following

Execution failed with the following error: 
"ERROR : errorCode=0 description=Cannot find the user 'COMPANYMYUSERNAME', 
because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

Answer :

The solution was that job needed to has an access to the default folder (on the server)

C:UsersDefaultAppDataLocalMicrosoftSQL ServerSmo

My colleage solve it and according to him it is some kind of bug which is patched in newer version of SQL Server.

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