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Question :

I’m curious how to set up a SQL job step to be executed as a different SQL login account. It appears I need to set up a New Proxy Account which requires an existing credential. When I create a credential my only option is to use a Windows Login credential.

The job I’m attempting to run is below. There are other additional statements but when I set the job step to run as the SQL login it fails.

insert into [dbo].[TableA]
  FROM [dbo].[TableB] mm
  left outer join [dbo].[TableC] ss on ss.parentPersonID=mm.parentPersonID and mm.studentPersonID = ss.studentPersonID
  where ss.Ref_ID is not null;

When this is run through a SQL Job Step it fails.

Executed as user: an_admin_account. Access to the remote server is denied because the current security context is not trusted. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 15274).  The step failed.

I’m unclear as to why it’s trying to access a remote server when all of these tables exists on the local db.

Answer :

If you are configuring a T-SQL job step go to the Advanced Page and configure the “Run as user” to the login of your choice.
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If you are working with other job step types like PowerShell it will require a proxy account to be configured.

Use EXECUTE AS at the start, or create a stored procedure which executes in a particular context.

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