SQL Server 2014 All Administrator Accounts Disabled

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Question :

I made the most ridiculous thing. I accidentally disabled both remote logins and database accesses for the Administrator accounts (including the one with Windows Authentication (Administrator account) and sa account on the production server! Please tell me a way that there is a way to access the server with administrator privileges! 🙁

Is it possible from an installation or some kind of command line etc?

Again, Administrator account IS disabled for SQL Server (but I have remote connection to server, the account itself is working…)

The Administrator account of the SERVER is AAAAAAdministrator, and the instance is SOMETHINGSOME_INSTANCE.

When I am trying to log in from the remote desktop (on the server itself) with the AAAAAdministrator account, it says its disabled:

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Answer :

You need to start SQL Server in single-user mode.

The documentation Connect to SQL Server When System Administrators Are Locked Out says:

Start the instance of SQL Server in single-user mode by using either the -m or -f options. Any member of the computer’s local Administrators group can then connect to the instance of SQL Server as a member of the sysadmin fixed server role.

See the page linked above for further considerations and step-by-step instructions.

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