SQL Server 2014 Availability Group failed

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Question :

I have 3 servers on VMware workstation:

  1. Win 2012 R2 as ADDC -Cluster service.
  2. Win 2012 R2 as SQL server primary replica .
  3. Win 2012 R2 as SQL server secondary replica (auto fail-over).

    My Availability group fail in this scenario:

    When I disconnect primary replica from the network the cluster fail to announce a fail-over to secondary replica when I try to manual fail-over from secondary replica instance I get this error:

enter image description here
however this not the case when I stop primary replica from cluster manager because it will do auto fail-over.

Answer :

Ok I found what I was missed and it was the cluster because there is only two nodes in the cluster so I add third node and it is working now.

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