SSMS 2016 Query Store: Missing Index Details error: DocumentFrame (SQLEditors)

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Question :

Each time I try and view missing index details in Query store I get the following error:

DocumentFrame (SQLEditors)

Program Location: at
sender, EventArgs a) at
System.ComponentModel.Design.MenuCommand.Invoke() at
guidGroup, UInt32 nCmdId, UInt32 nCmdExcept, IntPtr vIn, IntPtr vOut)

Is anybody else experiencing this? Is this something I can fix or is it a bug?

SSMS version 13.0.16106.4

It’s a bit frustrating as I can’t view the end of the create index recommendation.

Answer :

It is happening to me from Query Store query plan screens on SSMS 13.0.16106.4 as well.

Workaround that I found, until they fix it:

  • Press “New Query” button for a blank new tab
  • Switch back to the Query Store tab and right-click, select “Missing Index Details” again
  • It’ll open up the missing index details in a third tab

When you look at another, you may have to repeat the steps, even if you still have the blank tab open.

Kendra Little has discussed some of the problems at: (Link corrected)

SSMS 2016 Query Store Missing Index Details Error Document Frame Sqleditors

She also has created a link to the Connect issue. You can go there a vote it up, if you wish.

Also the Quick Rundown at the bottom includes comments on which behaviors you can expect. Since you are running SQL Server 2016, note:

SQL Server 2016 Reset on database offline/restart.

  • Reset on any index drop/disable/create on that table.
  • Reset on database offline/restart.
  • Reset on ALTER INDEX REBUILD of any index on the table.

So perhaps you can work around the behavior you are experiencing.

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