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Question :

I received this request from a developer:

When I try to download *.rdl report files from myssrs_server/Reports
I’m getting this error:

enter image description here

Would you be able to extend my permissions so I can download reports
from all branches?

What is the minimal permission I should grant in order for him to get this done?

Any alternatives? (I was thinking about granting read only access to the reportServer database or something on those lines – but I don’t want to make their lives too difficult )

I found this article very good regarding ssrs permissions:

SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Permissions

Webpage were all the ssrs Predefined Roles are explained.

Answer :

At the end, just so that I don’t need to download the reports for them to edit, I have granted a very selective AD group with the contents manager permission, so that they can do their work.

any better alternative please post an answer or comment, I will review the situation accordingly.

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