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Question :

I’m trying to clean up some of our maintenance plans and noticed that our TempDB is not getting it’s weekly dose of DBCC CHECKDB goodness. I’ve tried to go into the maintenance plan and make sure it’s there, but it’s not showing up in the checkbox area. Any ideas why that would happen or have any pointers to make tempDB selectable again? I know I can always just add an Execute SQL Task but I’d like to have this all taken care of in one step by the maintenance plan. I’ve also tried creating a brand new plan and attempted to select it that way, still no joy.

It’s a DW environment, 2008R2, 256GB RAM, 64 cores (HT enabled). Our TempDB files/logs are on a FusionIO card by themselves so there’s no contention.

Thanks again!

Answer :

Tempdb won’t be available for you in the Mantainance Plan database list box, but you sure can run it as a script:


According to Mr. Brent Ozar, you SHOULD check tempdb for integrity, and if Brent is saying that, that is good enough for me.


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