Transaction log backup impact on CPU [closed]

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Question :

I had a serious CPU bottleneck 24/24 (it reaches 100% very often) for some weeks. The application has a pure aggressive OLTP (a thousand of query that retrieves often 1 row based on several joins).

This week I decided to begin a backup of the transaction log file, and hopefully the CPU bottleneck disappears.

Is there a direct relation between the transaction log file (size,backup or whatever) a the CPU bottleneck?

Answer :

Backups of the transaction log will not help your CPU bottleneck.

  1. How many deadlocks per hour or day do you have?
  2. What is you CXPACKET wait value?
  3. How much blocking do you have?

I am not saying to stop your transaction log backups, I am saying that this won’t help the CPU bottleneck.

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