Unable to read master log position while setting up MySQL slave

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Question :

Hi I am trying to setup a data replication server.
I am using MariaDB and phpMyAdmin to interface with the 2 DB’s

I have set up my master with adding the following configuration to my my.ini file


I have then restarted the MySQL server so that phpMyAdmin now shows that it is set up correctly as a master as seen in the screenshot below:
enter image description here

I have then logged into my slave DB with phpMyAdmin and tried to connect it as a slave. When I enter in the details of the slave user that I have already created, I get the error message on the slave

Unable to read master log position. Possible privilege problem on master

enter image description here

Does anyone know what the issue could be here as I cant seem to work it out.


Answer :

You need to give privileges to replicate the Master.

Below is the example.

in Master DB to give privileges.

CREATE USER 'replication_User'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT REPLICATION SLAVE ON *.* TO 'replication_User'@'%';
flush privileges;

Run below command on slave db to see master status.


Run below command on Master to see slave status.


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