What is not supported by DMA (data migration assistant) for onprem to onprem SQL server migration?

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Question :

I am using DMA with the intention to assess and migrate everything from an onprem sql server 2016 into an onprem sql server 2019.

It looks like DMA only allows migration of:

  1. User databases, users and permissions (example: grants, revokes, denys)
  2. Server logins, roles, custom roles and permissions

It does not migrate:

  1. Ssis db and packages
  2. Maintenance plans
  3. Triggers
  4. Linked server configs
  5. Server level configs
  6. Db level configs
  7. System dbs

What else am I missing in the list?

Answer :

I would say everything else that is not inside a user database: certificates, endpoint, AG configurations, server audit and so on.
It’s difficult to do a list. Every feature at server level is not cloned.

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