Why my index don’t update?

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Question :

I have created this index

ORACLE/VIDEO# create index titolo_index
  2  on titolo(titolo)
  3   indextype is ctxsys.context
  5  ;

I do a research

select * from generale where CONTAINS(titolo, '%ragazzi%')>0 order by titolo;

   159|I ragazzi della roma violenta                   |1976   |Drammatico    |1:30    |Vhs       |Italiano

I change from roma to Roma

update titolo set titolo = 'I ragazzi della Roma violenta' where idtitolo = 159;

And it disappear from index!

Answer :

Indexing with Oracle Text CONTEXT Index and DML

A CONTEXT index is not transactional. When you perform inserts,
updates, or deletes on the base table, you must explicitly synchronize
the index with CTX_DDL.SYNC_INDEX.

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