Will canceling InnoDB compression that’s already in progress corrupt data?

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Question :

I have a 155GB table that is in the process of being compressed.


This compression has been running for a long time and is impeding my ability to backup.

I’m thinking about killing the compression query, backing up, and trying the compression again once my devs know how long it’ll be till the next backup.

Is there any danger in just running a kill statement? Is there a safe way to back out of this compression?

My fear is that backing out of a compression mid query will corrupt the table. I would like to run the following query below but I believe it will be dangerous.


Answer :

If innodb_file_per_table is enabled, then a temp table is being populated with the new compression. The original table is currently intact, just not writable.

Running KILL QUERY 12345 on the Connection running the ALTER TABLE should do the following:

  • release the write lock
  • drop the temp table
  • leave the original table as is

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